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Pathogenic Resistance Mechanisms in Honeybees


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Group member Javier Hernández-López was awarded the [EVENIUS Prize] for the most relevant theme and best presentation (Trans-generational Immune Priming in Honeybees) at the 60th Seminar of the Association of Institutes for Bee Research (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Institute für Bienenforschung), held from 19.03 - 21.03.2013 at the University of Würzburg.



Riessberger-Gallé U, Hernández-López J, Rechberger G, Crailsheim K, Schuehly W. Identification and confirmation of lysophosphatidylcholine as a novel immune trait against American foulbrood in honeybees. Submitted to: Journal of Applied Ecology, 2015 (under review).

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Contributions in a Conference Proceeding

Hernández-López, Javier; Schuehly Wolfgang; Riessberger-Gallé, Ulrike; Crailsheim, Karl: Trans-generational immune priming in honeybees, in: Entomologica Austriaca 22, 2015, 117.

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Hernández-López, Javier; Crockett, Sara; Crailsheim, Karl; Riessberger-Gallé, Ulrike: Antibacterial activity of Hypericum (Hypericaceae) extracts against Paenibacillus larvae (Genotype Eric II), in: Apidologie 42, 2011, 793.

Krainer, Sophie; Brodschneider, Robert; Vollmann, Jutta; Crailsheim, Karl; Riessberger-Gallé, Ulrike: Toxicity of Hydroxymethylfurfural against honeybee larvae, in: Apidologie 42, 2011, 794.

Brodschneider, Robert; Haidmayer, Caroline; Riessberger-Gallé, Ulrike; Crailsheim, Karl: Protein uptake in honeybee colonies supplemented with two protein diets simultaneously, in: Apidologie 40, 2009, 662.

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